The Occupation Devolution

Much has transpired with Occupy Oakland since the grass was green in Frank Ogawa Plaza: businesses have been vandalized, banks terrorized, buildings occupied, commerce obstructed, and a man murdered, all to the tune of millions in damages the taxpaying 53% of the 99% will have to pay.  From occupying the park to closing the port, Occupiers of all stripes have consistently displayed confrontational behavior -- intimidating citizens, threatening businesses and goading law enforcement.  Oakland's Mayor Quan and the press repeatedly stress that this is a "mostly peaceful" movement.  They have pushed the narrative that the violence at Occupy Oakland is attributable to 60-80 outside anarchists -- members of the Black Bloc -- and that the vast majority of Occupiers are peaceful demonstrators clamoring for fair taxation and an end to corporate and millionaire greed. But, for those of us who have been following this closely, Occupy Oakland is riddled with the steady drumbeat of...(Read Full Article)