The Iraq War Deserves a Worthy Epitaph

We can remember so vividly the images of the statue of Saddam Hussein being torn down by U.S. Marines, and the accompanying celebratory cheers of the Iraqi people.  Later, the once-tyrannical dictator was to be found cowering in a hole, and after three years, he was put to death on December 30, 2006.  The actions that lead to his end were the direct result of the atrocities endured by the very inhabitants of Iraq itself. It is now nearly nine years since the initial invasion into the country, and the announcement by President Obama to pull the last of the troops out of Iraq leaves us with many questions.  Chief among them: are we leaving in victory? Skeptics and war opposition parties have been attempting to label the Iraq War as a complete and utter disaster, from first boots on the ground until the last of the troops' egress south into Kuwait by the end of the year.  After billions of dollars and thousands of lives lost with no clear-cut results, the troops...(Read Full Article)