The Dems Target Defense and Your Wallet Again

With a debt ceiling deal mandate to find $1.5 trillion in savings over the next decade, what have the Democrats on the Super Committee proposed? The same old policies from the Democratic playbook: massive tax hikes and defense cuts. Leaked Democratic proposals from the Super Committee include a $1.3-trillion tax hike on all Americans (including $800 billion resulting from letting the Bush tax hikes expire, which means higher taxes for the same "rich people" who create jobs) and $200 billion in cuts to defense spending, alongside $200 billion in cuts to domestic discretionary spending -- a broad category that includes everything from the Department of Education to the Department of Agriculture, the DHS, and the Department of Transportation.  They also propose $300 billion worth of new government spending -- which, of course, will be paid for with these defense cuts and tax hikes -- as well as double-counting the savings resulting from withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan. In...(Read Full Article)