The Decline of Gratitude

In early May 2011, several Boulder, Colorado youths, as part of a nationwide effort coordinated by the nonprofit group Our Children's Trust, initiated a lawsuit against the state of Colorado for failing to take "necessary action" to protect the environment and to "force action on climate change."  Among the plaintiffs was an eleven year-old boy whose Gold Hill neighborhood had been devastated by wildfire the previous summer, and an eighteen-year old with a growing asthma problem.   Both of the plaintiffs implied that their individual calamities could have been avoided had the state been better stewards of the environment.  Indeed, the lawsuit states that eleven year-old Haiden Inskeep fears that "hotter, drier weather resulting from climate change will increase wildfires in Colorado." Another plaintiff, Xiuhtezcatl (SHE-WAH-TEZ-CATL) Roske-Martinez, told the Boulder Camera newspaper that "Right now, our governments are not protecting our planet; they are just...(Read Full Article)