The Blue Wall Street Blues

This has been a rough few weeks for the Democratic narrative about what's wrong with America going into the 2012 election cycle. Basically, they've just been mugged by reality. Goodie. The Dems' narrative had the beauty of simplicity: those evil Republicans and their "fat cat" buddies on Wall Street did it! Vote for us instead! That simple narrative was fashioned by President Barack Obama, his campaign team and their allies in the MSM. Marching in lock-step have been the leaders of organized labor and the #Occupy Wall Street crowd. It's been financed by the unions and by George Soros and organizations he helps fund.  The OWS crowd has only been what Lenin called the "useful idiots." Simple, as I say. But false. You might even, if you were mean, call it an example of the Big Lie. That's because the Dems' narrative doesn't match reality. And it was reality which came crashing in over the last three weeks. It turns out that a lot of those "fat cats" on Wall Street -- or...(Read Full Article)