Thanksgiving in America - 2011

All Americans know the history of the origin of Thanksgiving. A group of separatists from the Anglican Church left Plymouth, England in September 1620 for the New World, where they felt they would be able to have both civil and religious liberty.  They sailed across the Atlantic, in a very rough two-month voyage, until they landed in November.  They finally disembarked in December at a place they designated "Plymouth Rock."  Before leaving the ship, however, they all signed the "Mayflower Compact."  This was America's first document of civil government, and the first ever to institute the concept of self-government.  The colonists immediately held a prayer service and then began the process of building shelter against the cold Massachusetts winter.  They were not prepared for the starvation and sickness that accompanied a harsh New England winter, though, and by spring of 1621, nearly half of those who had arrived in December were dead.  Persevering,...(Read Full Article)