Sierra Club at the Metropolitan Club

My dirty secret is that I'm a member of the Sierra Club.  I joined at the $15 rate for retired senior citizens and received a bonus shoulder bag.  The Sierra Club idolizes nature and demonizes man.  It glorifies economic parasitism and practices junk science.  I joined because I am investigating the environmentalist movement, and I wanted to get their e-mails. The Sierra Club has an $84-million budget and 1.4 million members.  Probably most of the members are more interested in singles hikes than in environmental extremism.  I attended a presentation featuring Michael Brune, the club's recently appointed executive director.  The presentation was held at the exclusive Metropolitan Club on floors 66 and 67 of the Willis Tower in Chicago.  The Willis Tower is the tallest building in the United States (110 stories) and was formerly known as the Sears Tower.  Michael Bloomberg is mayor of New York and a billionaire 18 times over.  Bloomberg...(Read Full Article)