Should I Buy a Gun?

I have never owned a gun.  Matter of fact, I have fired a gun a grand total of one time in my life.  I shouldered a shotgun out in the north Georgia woods when I was nineteen years old and fired at a milk bottle filled with water as a target.  The kick from the gun nearly tore my shoulder off, since I obviously had no clue what I was doing.  I have no idea if I came close to hitting that jug. I have never wanted to own a gun.  I fish.  No need to shoot fish, though I am sure that takes place.  I have never been hunting.  I am not opposed to it in any way; it just works out that I have never been asked to join a hunting party by my father or brother-in-law -- and considering my lifetime gun résumé to this point, that is, for their sake, likely a very good thing. What I have done is held a pistol in self-defense.  Robbed at gunpoint when I was working at a gas station off Interstate 20 east of Atlanta in 1978, I grabbed the pistol the owner...(Read Full Article)