Secrets of the American Nomenklatura

With the rise of independent media, the secrets of the American nomenklatura are coming into clearer focus, the shameless exploitation of the good will and treasure of the people increasingly put on view for all to see. 1. The media and the Democrats are joined at the hip and have created a "hereditary celebrity class" One of the fastest ways to celebrity and fortune (besides perhaps going on Dancing with the Stars, being adopted into the Hilton or Kardashian families and making a porn video) is to be the child of a politician or a well connected political operative. If your father is a Republican this route is generally available to you only if you are very stupid like Meghan McCain or perfidious like Ronald Reagan Jr and his sister Patty Davis, someone who can be counted upon to trash your father's party until the novelty wears off. (Jenna Bush is a rare exception to this rule.)  If you are a Democrat, like JFK, Jr, Mika Brzezinski, or Maria Shriver who can be counted to toe...(Read Full Article)