Russia's Dangerous Implosion

Russia is set to experience a debilitating demographic crisis.  Its population will sicken and drop by one-third, and its dominant Slavic-Orthodox population will dwindle and be surpassed by its Islamic faction.  The consequences of this crisis will, unless the world gets better leadership than the likes of Barack Obama, and soon, have dire and direct and lasting effects for the rest of the world. According to RIA Novosti, Russia's Kremlin-funded answer to Reuters, between 1950 and 2000 Russia's share of the world population fell by half, from 4% to 2%.  And, according to RIA, it will fall by half again before this century is out, dropping to just 1%.  That means only one out of every 100 people on the planet will be citizen of the Russian federation.  If you look at a map of the world in 2100 with boundaries redrawn to reflect share of world population (RIA helpfully draws one for you), Russia is invisible. While the population of the rest of the world has...(Read Full Article)