Rick Perry and the Likability Factor

After slipping in the national polls from the high 30s, briefly leading his Republican rivals, to his current position around 10%, Rick Perry is attempting a comeback with his flat tax proposal.  But he will never regain the lead unless he changes his style at the debates.  In short, he must become more likable. In the final analysis, when all is said and done, the determinative factor that decides presidential elections is who is the most likable candidate.  This might be a depressing fact to comprehend -- are American presidential elections, the process by which we choose the most powerful man in the world, nothing more than high school popularity contests?  Well, if you scan over the last several presidential elections, you will see that this is indeed the case. The sunny former movie star Ronald Reagan was vastly more appealing than the morose Jimmy Carter and the stilted Walter Mondale.  George H.W. Bush was more likable than the emotionless Michael...(Read Full Article)