Relaxed Standards for OWS Violence

If you want to destroy someone's property, simply organize a left-wing political rally.  Then you can bring your rocks and rebar and smash away without serious consequences.  It appears that the official attitude towards violence and vandalism depends on who is doing it and why. The recent "Occupy" protest at the Port of Oakland in Oakland, CA drew, by some media accounts, approximately 4,000 protesters.  While generally described as a peaceful demonstration, the protests left a residue of violence and vandalism.  Protest "organizers" were quick to decry the violence and deny that the violence had anything to do with their movement.  But it was, in fact, there.  Violence or vandalism has shown itself in numerous OWS-inspired protests throughout the country. The subject of this posting is not to analyze in detail the number or nature of the occurrences, nor to attempt to connect violence to the declared focus of the movement in general.  I will accept...(Read Full Article)