Razing Cain

The media have been up to their usual tricks this week, smearing a Republican candidate with innuendo and anonymous charges. As the always fair minded James Taranto notes, Cain seems as much a victim as a villain in this  latest mediagenic tale:  With virtually no facts available, a fair-minded person cannot possibly draw any conclusions from these stories. Maybe Cain behaved badly. Maybe the women were unhappy in their jobs and took advantage of a legal regime that--especially in the wake of the furor over Anita Hill's unsubstantiated accusations of ribaldry against Clarence Thomas--is highly indulgent of sexual-harassment allegations. Maybe the real story is something in between and involves elements of misunderstanding. It seems to us, however, that the original Politico report is a pretty poor excuse for journalism. Of the six questions a reporter is supposed to answer, Politico told us only where and when--at the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s. Politico...(Read Full Article)