Prepare Yourself for Obama's Second Term

(See also: The Prism of Electoral Reality) For some time now, many conservatives have thought that President Obama is the Second Coming of Jimmy Carter.  They think that chronic 9% unemployment, creeping inflation, and a foreign policy of self-abasement and weakness will doom Obama to a single term, and that he'll slink off with his tail between his legs in disgrace, just like Carter did after the election of 1980. Maybe they should be thinking about the election of 1996 instead. Does anyone remember the disaster that was Bill Clinton's first term?  The first attempt to put gays in the military, the first attack on the World Trade Center by Muslim fanatics, and the "Assault Weapons" Ban?  The proposal to raise taxes, increase spending, and downsize the military?  Hillary arrogantly proclaiming that she was no little Tammy Wynette standing by her man and baking cookies?  That she would revamp the entire health care system, by herself, in secret, without...(Read Full Article)