Post-Normal Claws, Teeth, and Slime

As the memories of the Soviet Union and Mao's China fade, a new generation of Marxists has materialized.  Still-living members of the old generation are keeping the faith.  How can anyone be a Marxist given the Marxist horrors of the 20th century?  It could be jealousy, rebelliousness, primordial archetypes, indulgent child-rearing, or a college education.  Ask a shrink. Marxists use front groups and front causes to hide their true intentions.  This is like the movies, where aliens disguise themselves as humans until they expose their true bodies -- bodies that feature claws, teeth, and slime.  That brings us to Post-Normal Science. The promoters of trendy Post-Normal Science present it as a necessity for dealing with the greater complexity and the higher stakes that science allegedly faces in the modern world.  Jerome Ravetz, born in Philadelphia in 1929, is the foremost proselytizer for Post-Normal Science.  Ravetz had communist subversive...(Read Full Article)