Parallel Universes

Almost nothing unites the commentariat these days.  But if there is a consensus about anything, it is in the almost universal condemnation of our toxic political culture.  We are certainly more polarized than at any time in living memory. There are broad historical reasons for this, mostly having to do with the ideological realignment of our two predominant political parties into philosophically unified parties of left and right.  But the larger story is in the fundamental incompatibility of the competing ideologies.  A clash of philosophies challenges the foundational moral principles of the respective combatants and represents an attack on the very underpinnings of their most sacred values.  It is no less than an assault on basic notions of right and wrong; something in defense of which man will expend his last full measure of living effort.  That is why politics has lately become so vicious.  The adversaries are defending that which they hold most...(Read Full Article)