Our Accidental Top Dog

A few weeks ago, our Irish Water Spaniel was just another young dog.  Now he is one of the top Irish Water Spaniels (IWS) in the world.  Here's how it happened. The universe of show dogs is huge.  The IWS portion of that universe is tiny.  The Irish Water Spaniel is not a common breed; it is the rarest of the spaniels.  There are probably not many more than a thousand IWS in America.  The sheer numbers of dogs from competing breeds, and the rarity of the IWS, make any kind of win an unusual, and statistically unlikely, event. Just over a year ago, our friend Marion McLeod, one of the most respected IWS breeders in the world, gave us a call.  She knew that we had lost all three of our beloved old dogs in the course of a few months1.  We were heartbroken, lonely, and needed a new canine member for our family. "Larrey, I've done it.  I've got your puppy, and he's got it all!" Marion proclaimed over the telephone.  Marion is a retired...(Read Full Article)