Occupying the Minds of Our Youth

 A friend of mine is employed by a public elementary school in Santa Cruz, California.  In the teacher's lounge he found some troubling materials stacked on a table dedicated to the California Teachers Association. "Considering Democracy in Occupy Wall Street," was the title of a teaching guide recommended for grades 4-7.  The lesson plan was assembled by the Morningstar Center, a leftwing organization that teaches "social responsibility." In the guide we read, "...there are some ways that our country isn't always democratic, even though people do have rights such as a vote and free speech. Ask students if they can think of some examples. (Examples include: people and corporations with lots of money can make political contributions that give them more influence over our government than other people. Another: people who have a lot of power and resources can pay to have their opinion heard.)" What's ironic is that this material is being offered at a resource area...(Read Full Article)