Occupy Wall Street and the Founding Fathers

They claim to represent 99% of Americans, but as Democratic pollster Doug Schoen has shown, the protest group Occupy Wall Street is anything but representative of a vast swath of the public.  At best, the protesters represent a far-leftward slice of American political thought: they pine for the redistribution of wealth and generally reject the free enterprise system. Yet, this stubborn fact hasn't stopped the media and left-wing pundits from serenading the movement with praise.  One writer has even argued that "our founders would ... be standing on the front lines of the Occupy Wall Street movement ... were they around today." Is the Occupy Wall Street protest our generation's version of the Boston Tea Party?  Would George Washington, if he were alive today, eschew Mount Vernon in favor of a tent in Zuccotti Park?    Not a chance.  Much of what the Occupy Wall Street movement seeks isn't new.  The Founding Fathers -- particularly those who...(Read Full Article)