Obama's Socialism in God's Name

Jeremiah Wright's longtime congregant Barack Obama wants to tell you what God desires for America.   At a recent speech in Washington, the president proclaimed that "God wants to see us help ourselves by putting people back to work."  Obama's rather tired revelation however is worth considering for several reasons. First, Obama's White House spokesman Jay Carney seems to have squirmed a bit when trying to unpack the president's somewhat confusing proclamation.  When challenged by reporters about the propriety of bringing God into the current political fray Carney responded by saying: I believe that the phrase from the Bible is 'the Lord helps those who help themselves. The trouble with Carney's response is that it is simply wrong.  The  phrase is not biblical in origin, and more importantly, the president said nothing about people who "help themselves."  The president in other words wants the federal government to expand in size, scope, and power...(Read Full Article)