Obama's Problematic New Nominee for Top Medicare/Medicaid Post

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) chief Donald Berwick will step down on December 2, three weeks before his recess appointment expires on December 31.  Fortunately, Dr. Berwick left a voluminous paper trail, leaving little doubt about his affinity for socialized medicine.  His controversial views on "redistributional" healthcare and rationing prompted 42 senators to vehemently oppose his nomination last spring. Not wishing to have another fight on his hands, President Obama has nominated Berwick's second-in-command, Marilyn Tavenner, to head the agency.  Tavenner will act as CMS director until her own confirmation hearings sometime next year. As principal deputy administrator and chief operating officer of CMS since 2010, Tavenner has stayed under the radar.  Unlike Berwick, the former nurse graduated from a state school, worked her way up in the private sector, and ended up as Governor Tim Kaine (D-VA)'s secretary of Health and Human Services for...(Read Full Article)