Obama's Green War Continues

The Obama Regime has pursued a Green religious crusade on energy policy.  Part of this crusade --the soft option, so to say--has been to lavishly subsidize every kind of so-called "green energy" business (such as solar power, wind power, and ethanol), no matter how inefficient it might be. The preferred tool the Green Regime employs is the covert subsidy -- that is, taxpayer-backed loan guarantees.  The company that gets these loan guarantees can borrow freely from the private sector large sums, no matter how financially weak the company is, to capitalize its operations, and until it actually hits the wall and the taxpayer gets hosed (as in the notorious Solyndra case), nobody sees what is going on. The flip-side of the Green jihad -- the hard option -- is a sustained regulatory attack on fossil fuel industries (oil, natural gas, and coal).  The hard option is needed to complement the soft, for even with enormous subsidies, the green energy sources are so...(Read Full Article)