Military Dogs

Military dogs serve their country and are in the fight to defeat the enemy.  Author Susan Orlean in her latest book, RIN TIN TIN, commented that the military dogs work as soldiers, and that the American public has a special relationship with them.  American Thinker was given a glimpse into what a valuable asset military dogs are to America's war effort through interviews of those who work closely with them. In her book Orlean points out that the name RIN TIN TIN conjures up memories of a military dog, either one found on the battlefield during WWI, starring in silent war movies, being the US Army spokesman during WWII, or in the television show as part of the US Calvary.  Today, the dogs have evolved to become veterans that play a distinct role in American soldiers' lives. A variety of breeds are used as military dogs, although they are mostly German Shepherds, Belgian Malinois, and Labrador Retrievers. 70% of the dogs come from abroad, with the rest coming from an on...(Read Full Article)