Liberals, Israel and Disaster

Liberals start from false premises.  False premises always lead to false conclusions.  Being stuck with delusional belief systems, they keep running into brick walls, getting bloody noses, and being surprised every time it happens.  Then they fix up their false beliefs -- mostly by blaming any adults in the vicinity -- and go back to their delusions, having learned nothing. Only to run into another brick wall.  (Repeat from the top.) This is the stuff of the Keystone Kops comedy, but it's funny only until one of them gets into the White House.  Jimmy Carter.  Bill Clinton (who had four chances to get bin Laden handed over without a shot being fired).  And now we have the most mentally stuck hero of them all, Barack Hussein Obama. Israel shares every delusional disorder of the West -- like radical left-wingers.  The left is a cultic delusion both here and there, because they deny reality, make up their own, and then try to steer the supertanker...(Read Full Article)