Last Idol Standing?

The process of selecting a Republican presidential candidate to oppose President Obama resembles a combination of American Idol and Whack-a-Mole.  The contestants compete in preliminary popularity rounds, and the people vote via opinion polls.  The last idol standing will be the nominee.  But during the process, different candidates pop their heads out of their holes, only to be whacked back down by the media -- who discover that the candidate, allegedly, sexually harassed women or was inexperienced (unlike Obama, of course) or couldn't utter a coherent sentence or, worst of all, consulted for Freddie Mac.  It's enough to make one pine for smoke-filled rooms. The latest "mole" to poke his head out of his hole is Newt Gingrich.  Thus far, the whacks administered have not been sufficient to drive him back into the ground.  Perhaps that is because an insufficient amount of time has elapsed since the whacking began.  But should the bashing of Newt...(Read Full Article)