Joe Paterno and Bishop Finn

Legendary Penn State football coach Joe Paterno and Kansas City bishop Robert Finn share a fate they would not wish on their worst enemies: both stand accused of not reporting the sexual exploitation of children in their respective bailiwicks.  Paterno could lose the job he has held for 45 years before the week is out.  For Bishop Finn, the stakes are even higher.  He could lose his freedom.  A headline last month from U.K.'s Daily Mail says it all, or seems to: "Catholic Bishop becomes most senior U.S. clergyman to be arrested after being charged in child porn cover up." In both cases, the outraged callers and bloggers wonder how authorities like these could have turned a blind eye to such horrors.  They assure themselves that they would have done the right thing, even the heroic thing, and done it pronto.  This same impulse has convinced many of us that we would have been the one German to resist Hitler or the one Virginian to challenge...(Read Full Article)