Israel's 'Divided Soul'?

At the end of the Six-Day War, a tearfully triumphant Israeli soldier, standing at the Western Wall in Jerusalem, realized that he was "facing two thousand years of exile, the whole history of the Jewish people[.]"  Suddenly and unexpectedly, the biblical homeland -- east and west from Jericho to Jerusalem and north and south from Nablus to Hebron -- was restored to Jewish sovereignty. After 1967, handfuls -- then hundreds and eventually thousands -- of Israelis accepted the challenge that had always defined Zionism: to build new settlements in the ancient homeland.  For their persistent -- and astonishingly successful -- efforts, they have been relentlessly excoriated ever since as colonial occupiers stealing land that belongs to another people, known to the world ever since the war as Palestinians. By now, for many Israelis, the miracle of return has become the calamity of conquest.  Many Israeli journalists, scholars, and their political allies on the left, yearning...(Read Full Article)