Is This Romney's Time in History?

Mitt Romney has many good qualities.  He has a first-rate intellect, he has a thorough understanding of public policy issues and foreign affairs (unlike Cain), he has a spotless character and enormous self-control (unlike Gingrich), and as a venture capitalist and governor he has a substantial record of both public and private sector accomplishments (unlike Perry).  In most years he would make a fine president.  But is Romney the right man for this point in history? In American history there have been several major political cycles when one political party dominates for about thirty years.  It starts when a charismatic figure emerges to articulate a vision of what that political party stands for and attracts a generation of loyalists.  There have been seven of these cycles when a president establishes a new party or re-creates an old party:  In 1789 Washington established the Federalist Party; in 1800 Jefferson, the Republican Party; in 1828 Jackson, the...(Read Full Article)