Iran's Maginot Line

One of the most important skills in warfare is the art of misdirection.  Like the magician who draws attention to one hand doing one thing while the other hand does another, the attacker who can beguile his enemy into diverting most of his resources to repelling an attack expected in one area, and then attack in another, gains a significant advantage.  It was the key to victory at Normandy, and, this writer would argue, our failure to attack Iran when the whole world was focused on Iraq will go down as one of history's greatest missed opportunities.  Had we done so, needless to say and notwithstanding the anticipated howls of protest from the "international community," we would be looking at a much safer and more stable Middle East than what we have today. Israel, too, has blundered.  But also, to her credit, she has demonstrated, time and again, the ability to learn from those mistakes and to avoid repeating them.  Nor is she a slouch at the art of...(Read Full Article)