How to Make Sense of the European Union Disaster

(See also: Germany's Dream of Domination to Come True?) Everything you need to know to understand the European Union can be discovered by simply glancing at the location of its headquarters.  Brussels is in Belgium, which is not a real country, does not have a government, and does not have any money. Belgium has not had a government for a year and half, yet the capital city (to the degree that a country without a government can have a capital) is host to one of the largest government organizations in the world.  The ironies and paradoxes of the EU are clearly seen in the microcosm of Belgium. Belgium was invented in 1839, when the powers of Europe decided to carve out sections of the Netherlands and Luxembourg and assigned what resulted the name "Belgium."  This despite the fact that the bit of land was inhabited by Flemish, Walloons, Dutch, French, various Germans, and several other minority groups that had been hostile to each other for centuries.  A group of...(Read Full Article)