Hollywood Hypocrisy in the Hypokrisis Industry

Some of the most outspoken critics of the "income disparity" that exists within the free-market capitalist system can be found in Hollywood, where you'll also happen to find some of the most prosperous beneficiaries of the very system they criticize.  What Hollywood so conveniently ignores is the mammoth "income disparity" and gluttonous (by their own standards for others) behavior within its own industry. The origin of the words "hypocrisy" and "hypocrite" comes from the Greek words hypokrisis, which in part means "play-acting," and hypokrites, which in part means "play-actor."  It's ironic that hypokrites engaged in the art of hypokrisis have no problem amassing enormous piles of wealth while at the same time hypocritically denouncing the capitalist system that enabled them to create that wealth in the first place.  Evidently, it's greedy to be wealthy only if you earn your millions while on the outside of their tiny elitist circle of privilege. Hollywood should be...(Read Full Article)