Highway 1:99

If you have never driven the Pacific Coast Highway (the PCH, aka Highway 1) through California's Big Sur region, you are missing one of the most spectacular drives on this or any other continent.  The ninety-mile drive through bucolic stretches of forest, mountains, and spectacular ocean-sprayed inlets is filled with frequent (every 1/8 mile) turnoffs for adventurous folks to explore, or just park and stare wide-eyed. This past weekend, my wife and I were fortunate enough to navigate this incredible destination.  But just as we were rounding a bend in the highway, still gawking at the landscape, we hear car horns blaring and frantic shouting coming from a turnout.  Waving a large American flag and holding hand-painted placards, one reading "1:99," were about seven aging hippies.  Yes, Occupy Wall Street had thundered onto the curves of this otherwise peaceful drive. There wasn't much I could do but shout an anemic "boooo" from the passenger-side window (my wife was...(Read Full Article)