HBO to Celebrate Tiller's Life?

Writer/producer Alan Ball is changing genres from vampires, but he is sticking to the ghoulish.  The producer of TV's True Blood and Six Feet Under is scheduled to serve as executive producer of a one-hour HBO drama, Wichita, about the life of the late abortionist, George Tiller. The script will be based on a 2010 GQ article by Devin Friedman, "Savior vs. Savior."  Although the article is more or less objective in tone, it is factually adrift.  Here Friedman describes the two kinds of women who would typically queue up for a late-term abortion at Tiller's clinic. The fetal-indication patients thought only about their babies. The other women, those who were in such emotional anguish that they thought they would kill themselves if their babies were born -- these women wanted nothing to do with the fetuses. By "fetal-indication," Friedman means those women whose babies would survive childbirth only barely, if at all, and would be doomed to a short, unpleasant life...(Read Full Article)