Guerrilla Conservatism

The Occupy Wall Street goons, along with the copycats in other cities, expose just how dependent the left is upon a powerful establishment.  Without mainstream media support, without indoctrination in academia, without organizations like ACORN and labor unions providing muscle and organization, the left is a lazy, dull clod.  That is why so many members of this "movement" cannot express a cogent thought or discuss genuine grievances. What is true of Occupy Wall Street is also true of all the other appendages of leftism.  So-called "reporters" simply mimic other members of their herd and utterly ignore all news which doesn't fit into their tunnel vision.  That is why none of these lackeys ever go into ACORN offices in sting operations and why ex-Congressman Weiner was able to lie without worry about his misbehavior for so long.  Academia, which has long given conservatives Jim Crow treatment, has descended into the muck of censuring science which does not fit...(Read Full Article)