Greedy Occupiers

Some years ago I walked into the home of a friend who had a religious program playing on TV. He made a comment about the program and then caught a subtle reaction from me, that I intended to keep hidden. He responded, "Why don't you like him?" I answered that I did not even know the TV evangelist, but I did think he had a sexual problem. My friend asked why I thought that and I responded, "Projection. He sees sexual problems everywhere. That is his central theme." Sure enough, several months later, the scandal broke. Psychology has long seen the problem of the human family seeing in others what is centrally the focus of the one doing the seeing. The color of our glasses determines the reality we see in our world. We all live on the same planet and are confronted by a similar physical world, yet the focus of people and groups of people are so divergent that one might think we each came from a different planet. Sometimes I wonder. I have been interested in and amused by the Occupation...(Read Full Article)