Gov. Perry Should Be Glad

Gov. Rick Perry (R-Texas) grinned and said it was a good thing he had his boots on. That's because he definitely "stepped in it" during the GOP debate at Oakland University in Michigan this week. He's being widely lampooned for "going blank" for 53 seconds during the debate, unable to recall the third federal agency he'd been promising to abolish. Actually, I think Gov. Perry should be glad.  What we're seeing in these gong shows is a most unseemly bidding contest.  "I'll abolish three agencies." "I'll see your three and raise you two agencies."  I can abolish faster than you can. What's wrong with this?  Everything.  Candidate Ronald Reagan opposed the creation of the federal education and energy departments.  His 1980 and 1984 platforms pledged to disestablish these unnecessary and wasteful bureaucracies.  But he never said: "I will abolish them." Why not?  Because Ronald Reagan was a constitutional conservative.  He knew that the...(Read Full Article)