Get off Romney's Back

Bad-mouthing Romney is like saying Ronald Reagan was a failure because he didn't colonize China.  Romney is a conservative who will work well with a GOP Congress.  His flipflopedness is both on purpose and irrelevant.  Time to get off his back. Previously I wrote an article on American Thinker promoting the ticket of Romney and Rubio, and boy, did Romney and I get soundly thumped by many of the AT readers.  I consider the attacks on Romney from conservatives to be unwarranted, incorrect, and self-destructive. I get the feeling from observing reader comments that many of them never stray from the conservative choir.  They should, because otherwise they fall into the trap of hearing the same sermons every day and believing their viewpoint is the only one that exists.  To our advantage, this was one of Obama's problems: He never watched Fox news or listened to Mark Levin, Rush, or Michael Savage on the radio, so he never really understood the passion that...(Read Full Article)