Germany's Dream of Domination to Come True?

(See also: How to Make Sense of the European Union Disaster) There's a saying: "Dreams deferred aren't necessarily dreams denied."  Or something like that.  Neither the Kaiser nor the Führer could have imagined, though, that the path to dominance in Europe has nothing to do with war.  It may have everything to do with the failure -- financial and economic -- of Germany's neighbors.  This is a failure that invites -- not resists -- German hegemony. Europe's gathering failure results from a toxic cocktail drunk throughout much of Europe: welfare statism; bureaucratization; crony capitalism; and the inefficiencies, excesses, and corruption that inevitably spring from the former three. Germans may not need to ride triumphant throughout Europe on the backs of Panzers (or their modern equivalents).  If Europe's ruling classes have their way, Germany will use its checkbook and credit to bail out its failing neighbors -- or attempt to.  Germany may not have the...(Read Full Article)