Game Show Government

Democrats advocate Game Show Government.  "Vote for us, and we'll give away cash and prizes.  We'll send you a check!"  On the other side, certain hardcore Republicans say, "Vote for us, and we'll cut your cash and prizes to the bone!  No more checks for you!" In a poll released Nov. 7, 2011, Gallup reports that 42% of Americans call themselves conservative, while 21% say they're liberal.  What about the rest?  37% identify themselves as moderates. Who are the 37%?  Hint: they don't belong to the Tea Party.  They're not in the Occupy Wall Street movement.  But they are the most powerful constituency in America.  They decide elections.  Conservatives overlook or scare them, to their own electoral peril. The most important poll comes out of the voting booth.  We are a deeply divided nation, even when the elections are about small districts, as many were in 2011.  Despite Reagan's oratory gifts, his gobs of charisma, and...(Read Full Article)