Fixing the Debate Process in America

Newt Gingrich is finally moving up in the polls for the GOP nomination. It's interesting to note that, during a National Press Club appearance, the former House speaker spoke critically about the process that ultimately chooses a candidate:   We've invented a system where we've replaced big city machine bosses with consultant bosses. ... The job of the candidate is to raise the money to hire the consultants to do the focus groups to figure out the 30-second answers to be memorized by the candidates. ... Then you combine the stultifying, exhausting, shrinking process with the way these auditions have occurred. ... Candidates are held to a rigidity standard, while their answers are held to a 30-second sound bite standard that is frankly absurd. "What's your answer on Iraq in 30 seconds? What's your answer on health care in 30 seconds?"   Gingrich was talking about the ludicrous and demeaning process by which we select the person who we hope will lead us into the future....(Read Full Article)