Fellow Black Conservative Thanks Herman Cain

I wish to thank Herman Cain for his courageous decision to run for president as a conservative Republican.  I am sure he anticipated opposition from the left.  But no one could have possibly anticipated the current level of intense hatred and vitriolic desire to politically tie a rope around his neck and drag his bludgeoned black carcass through the streets in the mud.  Wow!  Lord help us. I thank Cain because his decision to run is much bigger than he is.  At a time when something has gone terribly wrong in the black community (70% black high school dropout rate and 73% out-of-wedlock births), black youths need to see a man such as Cain -- one of character and self reliance. Cain's remarkable life story equals a nuclear bomb of truth being thrown into the black community.  His success derails the "you cannot succeed without us and our programs" rhetoric Democrats have been selling to blacks for the past 50 years.  Desperate and frantic, the...(Read Full Article)