Even Leftist Pollsters Can't Hide the Conservative Majority

The November 2011 Battleground Poll shows a profound disconnect in American political perceptions.  To call these results evidence of how effective the left's control of the institutions of American society has been over the last fifty years would be a fair assessment. The wording of Question 32 suggests that the Battleground Poll has descended into leftism.  It reads thus: "Is there one particular item on the list that you think is the worst possible item to cut?"  Among the seven items listed are "[c]losing tax loopholes" and "[i]ncreasing the taxes on wealth [sic] Americans and corporations."  Apples and oranges.  Closing "tax loopholes" and "increasing taxes," of course, are not cuts in federal expenditures at all, except to leftists who view all income as belonging to the state. Other questions betray similar mutilated cognition.  Question 26 deals with possible spending cuts and asks respondents if they favor "[m]aking hundreds of millions of...(Read Full Article)