Europeans Gushing over Obama's Economic Policies

USA Today's Richard Wolf reported the other day that Europeans gushed over Barack Obama; they think the president's economic policies are just swell.  Should Americans gush, too?  Mr. Obama's illusionary economic successes win the praise of none other than France's President Nicolas Sarkozy, who in that inflated French style said: "We need the leadership of Barack Obama."  And then Sarkozy added, unctuously, "He [Mr. Obama] is much loved and much liked here in France." No reports that the typically cool Mr. Obama gushed about Mr. Sarkozy in return.  One wonders if a year from now, should Europe's financial system crash to the floor like dishware in an Oklahoma earthquake, Mr. Obama would have even one kind word for Sarkozy or any European leader.  Europe's crash would lead to an American crash; an American financial crack up would spell political doom for Mr. Obama, the nation's Sun King.        Who knows what Sarkozy...(Read Full Article)