European Left and the Fall of the Euro

There are many on the Euroskeptic right who can see a silver lining to a potential breakdown of the European Union as we now know it.  Such a view is understandable; having been dismissed as xenophobic, economically illiterate racists for daring to oppose the great socialist European project since the early 1990s, we have finally been proven right.  Certainly, we have been right for years, but now it is undeniable. Europe is in continent-wide debt, the Euro currency is in its death throes, and the financial stability of all of Europe depends on...Greece.  Surely no one can deny that the European project as conceived by the socialist left is dead, and that we need to fundamentally rewrite the that project.  Right? Wrong -- for it seems that the left aren't learning from their mistakes.  In Britain, the classic example of this is the leader of the Liberal Democrats -- and current deputy prime minister of the British Coalition government -- Nick Clegg. The...(Read Full Article)