Defenseless: America in the Twenty First Century

Under the guise of addressing the debt crisis, President Obama is leaving America exposed to multi-pronged attack by myriad hostile powers. Necessities like national defense are being sacrificed on the altar of handouts to constituents. Arguably secondary entitlement programs have supplanted the primary necessity of a strong national defense capable of deterring aggression. To state the obvious, the vital security needs of the nation can not be replaced with a one-time shot of welfare utopia. What nation or civilization has ever survived that has turned inward, gratifying pleasure and consumption over the preservation of outer-defenses? Rome serves as only one pertinent example among many. Leaving America defenseless is indefensible. The new super-committee is taking the heat for its proposed defense cuts, but the super-committee is just a cover for an agenda that has spanned the entirety of the Obama Presidency thus far. Since President Obama took office, he has taken consistent aim...(Read Full Article)