Curiosity: The Mysterious Compound

Curiosity is one of God's greatest attributes and one of humanity's coolest characteristics. Love is the power to burst out of limitations and experience unity with other forms.  Curiosity is a form of this power.  It is the impulse, expressed through the intellect, to imagine the truth of something other than self.  Curiosity is a compound of consciousness formed by imagination and longing.  If God created the universe as a mechanism to explore His own infinite nature, curiosity must inevitably permeate creation as an experiment of consciousness, as a shadow of God's wish to know Himself. Curiosity is latent in every evolving form on this planet, even before consciousness reaches full maturity in the human form.  I am not aware of say, a grub displaying much curiosity, but anybody with a dog has amusing anecdotes of curiosity in an animal.  The acceleration of curiosity in primates is a major contributor to the momentum powering the leviathan leap in...(Read Full Article)