Conservatism 101 for Those Not Paying Attention

You and I are politically well-informed.  But there are many Americans like my family who do not follow politics as closely as we do.  Their political views are shaped by liberal media hit-pieces, spin, and sound bites. About 99.9 % of my family are Democrats because Marcus family tradition taught us that the democrats are "for the little guy."  Republicans are "rich white racists."  Liberal media and the Democratic Party jointly support and promote this silly, simple lie, which still wins the Democrats 95% of the black vote. Despite me, the eldest of his five children, being a black conservative Tea-Party Republican, my 84-year-old dad's negative view of Republicans remains steadfast.  Dad tolerates my baffling political views because he loves me. However, I would not be surprised if my family scheduled an intervention.  A black van pulls up, a hood is thrown over my head, and I'm carted off to an undisclosed location.  I am denied food, water, and...(Read Full Article)