Capitalism, Equality, and (Steve) Jobs

"Economic justice" and "income inequality" are rallying cries of today's liberal left.  They claim that income disparity is one of the greatest injustices in our country.  Equality, however, is meaningless when it comes at the cost of prosperity.  Imagine that two people in Group A have $5 each, for a total of $10.  One person in Group B has $7, and the other has $50,000,000.  Group A has economic equality.  Group B has severe economic disparity.  Which group is better off?  Which is more prosperous? A liberal friend responded to this hypothetical: "You forgot about how one person in group B cheated the other out $24,999,993." Without realizing it, he presented a perfect case study in the perception of wealth by liberals vs. conservatives.  At the risk of being simplistic, liberals believe that the rich become rich by exploiting others.  This exploitation creates an unfair inequality, and this inequality must be remedied.  Never...(Read Full Article)