Can It Be Santorum's Turn Next?

Commenting on the merry-go-round of presidential frontrunners occurring within the Republican Party, MSNBC's Chris Matthews delivered an imbecilic rant so bizarre that the only thing it explained was why his program trails Cartoon Network in the ratings.  Matthews' dazzling deduction was that the elevation of certain candidates to the top of the heap, to be followed only by their fading and drifting back down in the polls, is a clear indication that the Republicans have a "hate problem."  With an extra dose of crazy, Matthews unloaded: "Their brains racked as they are by hatred, they lack the like mode.  They are in no mood looking around for a politician they like.  The hating is so much more satisfying." Matthews' false indictment is a perfect case study in the classic psychological condition known as projection.  It is his hatred of Republicans, demonstrable by the little pockets of froth foaming at the sides of his mouth whenever he speaks of men like Newt...(Read Full Article)