Cain Versus the Lynch Mob

Hi Tech Lynching is here again! Shades of Justice Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill. They're going to play the same sadistic power game they lost with Justice Thomas. Well, let 'em try, but now they are facing a revived conservative media. This is a trial of strength. When Clarence Thomas was nominated to the Supreme Court he had few defenders. Today we have talk radio and the blogs. As a morality play this looks like Snidely Whiplash against Little Nell. The Corporate Media are widely hated and distrusted, and not just by conservatives. They are so.... mean-spirited, blood-thirsty, and lynch-mob-like. They have all the moral refinement of mafia thugs. Justice Thomas was the first one to call them a "high tech lynch mob," and they were so shocked, they let off for long enough to get a decent Senate Judiciary vote. Well, let "High Tech Lynch Mob" be their epitaph. We've had the Yellow Press, we've had the three-network monopoly, and now we have the Lynch Mob Pres. How amazingly the...(Read Full Article)